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Yoga classes - Baptiste Power Vinyasa
Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training School
These are live Vinyasa Yoga classes for students who already know basic alignment and want to flow. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Philip Urso, Renee Deslauriers and other teachers of Live Love Teach Yoga School. We specialize in teaching Yoga Teachers the skills and presence to teach dynamic, mindfulness-based Vinyasa Yoga classes. Philip also posts "A Crash Course in Miracles" on iTunes. More info at or
2 minute discussion on 40 days to Personal Revolution, then Down Dog and we're off for 90 minutes.  Athletic flow. "Information from your senses is neutral."
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This vigorous class includes some finer alignment cues and a short break-out into tripod headstand.   
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Challenging the class beyond physical alignment.
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Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga at SPY, a rainy Saturday morning. Coming into alignment physically, mentally, and coming into being.

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Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. "I was having an imaginary conversation with a person who wasn't there; I was feeling bad about the way it was going." "The answer is so simple, it eludes us." "An unanticipated wheel is a great joy. You haven't killed it yet with anticipation, dread." "The present is so important because that is where we join. Everything else is solitary confinement."

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