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Yoga classes - Baptiste Power Vinyasa
Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training School
These are live Vinyasa Yoga classes for students who already know basic alignment and want to flow. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Philip Urso, Renee Deslauriers and other teachers of Live Love Teach Yoga School. We specialize in teaching Yoga Teachers the skills and presence to teach dynamic, mindfulness-based Vinyasa Yoga classes. Philip also posts "A Crash Course in Miracles" on iTunes. More info at or
Some discussion and demonstration of Half-Moon Pose and class starts in Down Dog at 4 minutes.  Good jokes during Frog near the end.  Two premises during class:  1) From your birth up to this instant does not exist, and, 2) the world and all information you receive from your senses is meaningless until you give it meaning. 
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Live gong near end of class
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how to prepare your mind for laughing

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